Cruel Seas Previews (Warlord Games)

Cruel Seas, the new naval combat game is coming out very soon and as such the mighty Warlord Games have launched a series of previews to give players a look at what to expect, including a quick walk through with Warlord Games CEO Mr John Stallard Continue reading Cruel Seas Previews (Warlord Games)

Cruel Seas now on pre-order (Warlord Games)

Now available for pre order and shipping in December, Cruel Seas is the brand new naval warfare game that sees you fighting for control of the high seas during the heat of World War II. Continue reading Cruel Seas now on pre-order (Warlord Games)

Warlord Rule the Cruel Seas (Warlord Games)

Warlord Games have a great reputation for delivering awesome quality games, and rightly so! Bolt Action is one of the most played games outside of Games Workshop, and is loved by millions around the world.  With other amazing titles such as Doctor Who, Strontium Dog, Gates of Antares, Hail Caesar and the recently released Black Powder 2nd Edition, it seems that Warlord have history and science fiction all sown up!  Continue reading Warlord Rule the Cruel Seas (Warlord Games)