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Alien Roleplaying Game out now from Free League Publishing

In Space no can hear you scream, but perhaps when you get a look at this beautiful roleplaying game, they may just hear you squee with delight!

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Marvel Crisis Protocol Now Out and New Miniatures Teased. Atomic Mass Games

Well after months of speculation and hype from fans, including myself, Atomic Mass Games finally unleashed their baby Marvel Crisis Protocol into the world on November 15th.

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Pacific Rim: Extinction now out! Riverhorse

Its been a while since the Pacific Rim: Extinction Kickstarter finished and our friends over at Riverhorse have been busy trying to get the game not only to backers, but the the masses as well!

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Codex Space Marine and Codex White Scars Supplement. Games Workshop

Out this weekend, but thanks to the guys over at 6s2Hit I managed to get a quick look through not one, but two awesome new products for Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop!

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