August Preview Skullhunters. Papsikels Patreon

Its that time of month again and Mark from Papsikels has very kindly sent me some images from this months patreon; Skullhunters! What on earth are Skullhunters?

July Release Preview: Carcarodonic Pirate Lords. 3D Art Digital

July is almost over and August looms on the horizon, but there is still time to check out some 3d Printing patreons of interest. Case in point is the Carcardoinic Pirate Lords from 3D Art Digital!

FKSMA Advance Battle Droids. Papsikels Patreon

Another amazing bundle from Papsikels, and an excellent dropship troop carrier.

Mark Tayag Papsikels Interview

If you are interested in 3d Printing and miniatures, you may well have heard of Papsikels, a unique individual who designs some pretty amazing models, often inspired by movies and cult games such as Aliens and Cyberpunk!