Cyberpunk Male Mercenary (Jackie Welles) Papsikels Miniatures Pateron 3d Print

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that despite its bad start in life, has breathed brand new life into the computer roleplaying game genre and delivers an amazing and breathtaking at times game that is packed with wonderful larger than life characters. One of these is protagonist V’s friend and partner Jackie Welles, a character who has a huge heart and plays a vital part in the game.

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Chaos Lord of the Night Review (Wargame Exclusive)

Every gamer finds themselves in a pickle at some point in their gaming life, it maybe that your players have moved away or that you have too look for a new games venue, but perhaps the most common conundrum that gamers find themselves in is ‘This models still not been released after months of waiting, what do I use instead?’ Continue reading