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John Carter of Mars Dotar Sojat Era. Modiphius Entertainment

Pulp fans get ready for something really special as Modiphius Entertainment announces the Dotar Sojat Era  Supplement for their excellent John Carter of Mars roleplaying game!

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Pulp Sci-Fi Heroes and Villains enters final hours! Crooked Dice Studios

Firstly sorry for the delay in posting this as I wasn’t aware that the kickstarter had launched till today.  The every excellent Crooked Dice Studios are now entering the final few days of their current kickstarter campaign and they have … Continue reading

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Monolith Sourcebook for Conan. Modiphius Entertainment.

Great news for those who love a bit of sword and sorcery fantasy as our good friends at Modiphis Entertainment adds yet another string to their bow!

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A look at John Carter of Mars. Modiphius Entertainment

John Carter is something that has been close to my heart since I was a small boy.  My grandfather Richard Henry Shepherd used to read the stories of this awesome character first to me and then with me as I … Continue reading

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