Strontium Dog Roleplaying Game. EN Publishing

My quick look through the excellent Strontium Dog Roleplaying Game sourcebook for the Judge Dredd and Worlds of 2000AD Roleplaying Game from the folks over at EN Publishing. Continue reading

Street Judges Miniature Expansion Unboxing. Warlord Games

In a recent post I took a look at Judge Dredd from the excellent Judge Dredd Miniatures Game from Warlord Games.  Of course Dredd isn’t the only judge protecting Mega-City One so in this video I take a look at the humble (sic) Street Judges Miniature Expansion. Continue reading

Judge Dredd Miniature Expansion. Warlord Games

With the recent release of the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game from the guys at Warlord Games, they would be amiss if they didn’t include a certain stern faced and grumpy lawman in the line up.  Continue reading