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Liberty is coming. Modiphius Entertainment!

War. War never changes.  At least that is what Fallout teaches us and now our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment have unleashed a colossal beast upon the wasteland.  Ladies and Gentlemen I give to you Liberty Prime!

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Just a Little Blue Box! Warlord Games

She is perhaps the most iconic vehicle in all of science fiction and fantasy combined and has graced our screens for almost fifty-six years!  She has become every bit a character of the cult show that spawned her and is … Continue reading

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Angels and Demons

Games Workshop have some pretty extraordinary characters in their games, often with tomes of background fluff dedicated to them, and this all adds to make their games some of the best loved in the hobby!

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Ho Ho HO! Mantic unwrap Holiday Hellboy just in time for Christmas! (Mantic Games)

Mantic Games run an amazing kickstarter earlier this year and fully funded their upcoming Hellboy board game! The game will be shipping in early 2019, but if you can’t wait for your fix of Mike Mignollas excellent demon hero the … Continue reading

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