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Dreddful Preorders. Warlord Games

November is finally here and with it comes the much anticipated release of the all new Judge Dredd miniatures game from Warlord Games. Now with only a few weeks till the game is released on November 30th, Warlord Games have … Continue reading

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Judge Dredd Miniatures Game details. Warlord Games

With the new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game only a few scant weeks away, traders are now starting to gear up towards stocking the product and this has given us our best look yet at the miniatures.

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Supers Unlimited a quick look at the miniatures. Kitbash Games

Last week I posted about an exciting new Kickstarter from British company Kitbash Games called Supers Unlimited and Leon from Kitbash very kindly sent me some samples over.

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Warriors of the Wasteland. Modiphius Entertainment

It has been a wee while since we last had anything new to report for the excellent Fallout: Wasteland Warfare from our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment, but here is something that is going to get the Nuka Cola fizzing … Continue reading

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Modiphius Previews Elder Scrolls Miniatures

If you were lucky enough to have been able to get to UK Games Expo in Birmingham last weekend, then you have seen the sneak peek miniatures from Modiphius Entertainments upcoming game based on Bethesda’s award-winning The Elder Scrolls!

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The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. Modiphus Entertainment

Breaking news from our good friends at Modiphus Entertainment. Having already scored big with Fallout Wasteland Warfare and the upcoming and highly anticipated Fallout Roleplaying Game just waiting in the wings; it has just been announced that the company will … Continue reading

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First, Fourth and Tenth Doctors (Warlord Games)

Doctor Who has been a huge part of my life, ever since I was a small child (see my article for more information) and for over fifty years now I have been excited about all things Who and beyond.

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