News from Vigilus Open Weekend Part 2 (Games Workshop)

Hey welcome back.  Sorry due to health issues at the moment I am having trouble sitting down and typing out posts so this is part two of what has gone on at the Vigilus Open Weekend over at Warhammer World.  You can check out part one HERE. Continue reading News from Vigilus Open Weekend Part 2 (Games Workshop)

Kill Team: Commanders Pre-Order Now!

Kill Team Commanders will allow you to add that extra element to your games of Kill Team and this last article details Chaos commanders and their use in game.  Kill Team Commanders is available to pre-order from Games Workshop NOW Continue reading Kill Team: Commanders Pre-Order Now!

News from NOVA!

Breaking news from Nova, and it looks like its going to be a busy few months ahead for Games Workshop fans.  The anouncement of Speed Freeks a new Ork battle game, Sisters of Battle getting a new update and the long rumoured 40K version of Warhamer Quest in the form of Warhamer Quest: Blackstone Fortress! Continue reading News from NOVA!

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

They may be in the minority amoung Games Workshops armies but the Sisters of Battle have always been popular and last year it was teased that they would be making a big return to battlefields everywhere.  Over at Warhammer Fest Europe a few more details have emerged.

Continue reading Sisters are doing it for themselves!