Gentlemen Start Your Engines! Now on Pre-Order

Speed Freeks sure does look like it is shaping up to be a great fun game and one that can be played in a couple of hours.  You can now pre-order this new vehicle based combat game from Games Workshop. Continue reading

Lookin at Da Roolz of Da Game! Speed Freeks!

More updates for Speed Freeks and we get to take a glimpse at the rules (or Roolz in Ork speak) of the game and what makes this different in so many ways from your typical Games Workshop game! Continue reading

Gentlemen Start your engines! More Orky previews from Games Workshop

October has been renamed Orktober by Games Workshop and they are now gearing up for some major new releases, including Speed Freeks and much more.  In this second update we learn more about what is coming soon and are treated to a very strange and funny video. Continue reading