Enterprising Characters. Modiphius Entertainment

Its been a long time, getting from there to here… Opps sorry to break out into song (I acutally loved the theme tune) but it does tie in with our good friends at Modiphius Entertainment releasing the Enterprise Crew PDF for their ever excellent Star Trek Adventures!  Speaking of which check out the amazing Star Trek Adventures Bundle deal on Humble Bundle you can thank me later!

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Humbly Go. Modiphius Entertainment

Everyone loves a bargain, right? You know picking something up that is way cheaper than its regular price, its something that the vast majority of us look for all the time and when it comes to gaming, every penny saved is one more towards that next core rule book or supplement. Continue reading

Glory to your House. Klingon Sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures!

Hegh tetlh toH, as Today is a good day to game.  Glory be to you and your House as the mighty House of Modiphius brings news of the Klingon Sourcebook for the excellent Star Trek Adventures.  Q’apla

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Delta Quadrant Sourcebook for Star Trek Adventures. Modiphius Entertainment

If there is one thing that I really do love it has to be Star Trek roleplaying and adding Star Trek Adventures growing catalogue of excellent sourcebooks Modiphius Entertainment are just about to unleash Delta Quadrant Sourcebook! “There is coffee in that nebula!”

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