Warlord Open Day 2019

It’s that crazy time of the year once again when much like Willie Wonka, Warold Ganes opens its doors to the public and gives you the chance to see whats coming from the Mighty Warlord in the new year or so.

New from the Doghouse

A wee while back I posted details of the latest expansion for Warlord Games excellent Strontium Dog Miniatures Game. The Kreelers I have already covered in that post, but now we have two brand new units available to pre order.

New Strontium Dog pre-orders from Warlord Games

New from Warlord Games for the excellent Strontium Dog Miniatures Game, comes two new exciting pre-orders.  First up we have the two main protaganists Johnny Alpha and Wulf Sternhammer riding Morks, the strange alien creatures that look like they belong in Star Wars! Next we have Scum of the Universe, three models who are amongContinue reading “New Strontium Dog pre-orders from Warlord Games”