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Is Warhammer 40k Priced Fairly?

An interesting article from our guest blogger and friend Alif Cheng.  There is an old saying that goes” if you buy a Mini don’t expect to get a Porsche!” Comments always welcome folks

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A look at Playmats.eu (Guest Blog Alif Cheng)

If you are a tabletop gamer, then you will have at some point either built your own table, or are planning on doing so.  Tables can be as simple or complex as you wish, my first table was little more … Continue reading

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 Wargaming Conventions List of 2019

Looking to go to a wargame show or convention this year?  Our good friend Alif Cheng from Tabletop Cashback has created this handy list of all the major cons and shows that are going on, while no means exhaustive its … Continue reading

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Warhammer World Part Two: Guest Blog Spot

Welcome to part two of our guest blog spot by Alif Cheng as he visits Warhammer World for the first time. Link to part one is in the article

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Warhammer World Part One: Guest Blog Spot

Another in our series of guest blog spots and our good friend Alif Cheng takes a trip to the Mecca of miniature war games, Games Workshops Warhammer World 

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The Warlord Games HQ Store Experience: Guest BlogSpot

Welcome to the first of our guest bloggers here at Gamers Web.  Today we have a report on the recent Warlord Games HQ visit from our good friend Alif.  So without further ado over to Alif!

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