Just a Little Blue Box! Warlord Games

She is perhaps the most iconic vehicle in all of science fiction and fantasy combined and has graced our screens for almost fifty-six years!  She has become every bit a character of the cult show that spawned her and is much loved throughout the world.  She is the TARDIS and shes getting a make over! Continue reading

Just a wandering lady traveler and her little blue box! 13th Doctor & TARDIS out now

There was a time that Doctor Who was classed as a bit of a laughing stock, a joke that people used to snigger at behind their hand as it was classed as bad television, something that only geeks and nerds watched!.  That said the show did run from 1963 till the end of the 80s so something must have been right.  Of course since New Who came along things have been slightly different and now it may be difficult to picture a world in which Doctor Who isn’t the cultural phenomena that it currently is! Continue reading

It’s all gone a bit Northern. 13th Doctor sighted

October 2018 saw history being made (or rewritten) as Jodie Whittaker began her run as the 13th Doctor on the worlds longest running science fiction drama Doctor Who! Continue reading