DC News

With Marvel dominating the global box office, DC seems to be hit and miss when it comes to the big screen.  However, when it comes down to the small screen, DC dominates. Here is a quick roundup of DC related news and gossip.

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DC News

I am not really a huge fan of DC to be honest.  I used to be many years ago, even sporting a very faded Bat symbol tattoo on my shoulder that is nearly 30 years old now.  But in fairness seeing as I do cover other thing comic related I would be amiss to not include DC. Continue reading

Star Trek wins major award!

Anyone who knows me will know that I love Star Trek, in fact I love it far more than any other franchise and I was so thrilled to hear the news that this much loved show had been nominated for and would be the recipiant of The Governers Award, the television equivalent of a life time achievement! Continue reading