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A look at Playmats.eu (Guest Blog Alif Cheng)

If you are a tabletop gamer, then you will have at some point either built your own table, or are planning on doing so.  Tables can be as simple or complex as you wish, my first table was little more than a green bed sheet cut down to size, and laid over a pile of books to form hills. Continue reading A look at Playmats.eu (Guest Blog Alif Cheng)

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Resource Roundup

Fallout Wasteland Warfare has been out for a couple of weeks now and is finally making its way into stores and onto gaming tables all around the world.  The game has garnered a lot of attention and is attracting a lot of new people into the hobby.  As such there are a lot of questions that those new to gaming or painting may have such as ‘How do I fix warped PVC’ or ‘How does combat work?’  I have put together a wee collection of some of the best examples I have been able to find! This is by no means an extensive list and I will continue to add to it and update links, and if you have found something great then please leave details in the comments section below! Continue reading Fallout Wasteland Warfare Resource Roundup