Full April 2021 Previews for Titanforge & Cyberforge

We are almost at the end of March (though which March is hard to tell) and as such previews for next months Patreons are starting to appear. April will see some more outstanding offerings from Titanforge for their fantasy and cyberpunk inspired bundles.

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Bloodfields Kickstarter Now Live. Titan-Forge Miniatures

As I reported yesterday, the Bloodfields Kickstarter campaign from Titan-Forge Miniatures is now live!  As an existing pateron member of Titan-Forge, I can wholeheartedly recommend their excellent range of miniatures.#staysafe, #stayhomeplaygames, #stayhomesavelives

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Titanforge about to launch Blood Fields Kickstarter

These days we all have more and more time on our hands due to global lockdowns, and stay in orders from our respective leaders.  As such many are taking up new hobbies and pastimes to keep active and occupied during this difficult time, one such pastime is 3d Printing.  Continue reading