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Building a MK III Phantom Disrupter. MIB Cosplay

Greetings Agent. This document has been classified clear for your level and will increase your understanding of the use of current MIB weapons and technology in the field and allow you to field strip if the need arises a Mk … Continue reading

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John Carter of Mars Live Play!

If you are a newcomer to the roleplaying hobby, you will most likely find some of the terminology a little confusing. Rolling for initiative is pretty straightforward, but how about THACO or how do you turn those strange dice into … Continue reading

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Quick Paint Messerschmitt BF 109 Part One (Blood Red Skies)

This is the second of my quick paint guide tutorials for painting your aircraft from Warlord Games excellent Blood Red Skies.  My first tutorial  looked at the Supermarine Spitfire MK II, and in this I will paint the Messerschmitt BF … Continue reading

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Quick Paint Supermarine Spitfire MKII Part One (Blood Red Skies)

There was a time long ago that I could paint, and paint well enough to get an honorable mention at Golden Demon.  Now my eyesight is very poor and I wear glasses all the time and can’t see very well … Continue reading

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Fallout Wasteland Warfare Resource Roundup

Fallout Wasteland Warfare has been out for a couple of weeks now and is finally making its way into stores and onto gaming tables all around the world.  The game has garnered a lot of attention and is attracting a … Continue reading

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Lets Play: Wild West Exodus (BoW)

Join Sam, as Darren from Warcradle teaches him to play Wild West Exodus with Simon (also from Warcradle.  Ideal to watch if you are  new to the hobby, and interested in WWX, or want to see how a game plays … Continue reading

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