Kyoushuneko Miniatures. June Patreon Sky Dwarves

Kyoushuneko Miniatures have just posted their June Patreon Fantasty tier and have once again gone with the excellent Sky Dwarves!

Kyoushuneko Miniatures. May 2021 Fantasy Patreon Dwarf Miners

What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions fantasy dwarves? Most likely it is going to be stout diminuative and noble warriors who have beards, live underground and hold grudges against some other race for some long forgotten reason.

Kyoushuneko Miniatures. April Patreon Space Dwarves

Recently I posted details of Kyoushuneko Miniatures fantasy release for their April Patreon, the Sky Dwarfs and now its time to turn the spotlight onto their science fiction tier

Kyoushuneko Miniatures. April Patreon Sky Dwarves

There are lots of Patreons around these days offering monthly bundles for 3D printing and covering everything from science fiction, fantasy to historical and beyond and as hobbyists and gamers we are spoiled for choice. One of these wonderful patreons is Kyoushuneko Miniatures which offers something for everyone, and with the upcoming release of StargraveContinue reading “Kyoushuneko Miniatures. April Patreon Sky Dwarves”